Crab Salad w/ Corn and Chickpeas

At hand: a can of Bumblebee canned crab, going spare.
Needed: a sandwich filling with versatility (since it was unlikely that we’d consume the entire can in one evening’s meal, between only my husband and me).
The solution:
Crab Salad w/ Corn and Chickpeas
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Futters Butters!

I’m experimenting once more with a variety of nut butters. Having much more success this go-around than I did back when my older son was a baby and I was being “safe” by abstaining from peanut products while nursing him; I must have gotten a brand that didn’t suit me or something, because it left a bad taste in my mouth (figuratively, literally, etc.) and I never went back.

This time around, though, I am loving my almond butter. Maranatha brand, for the win!

I do wish, though, that I had a greater variety of butters available to me locally. I don’t often order foods online without being completely convinced, without any doubt, that I’m going to love what I get, and since I had that bad experience, I’m a bit wary; I’d much rather get a small jar to sample, then move on to larger amounts, but that’s not as cost-effective when it comes to mail order. Enthusiastic endorsements from other folks – real people, not paid ads – go a long way toward making me feel more confident.

“Free” also works wonders. 😉

Clare, then, is speaking my language! Maybe she’s speaking yours, too? She’s hosting a giveaway for a nut butter company that’s…well, hey! Looks like I could actually get their products in person without driving too far! Maybe if I win, and the sample hooks me, I’ll be making a few extra car trips a month…

Anyway, go comment, but if you click through to there from here and you win, I want to hear your opinion, too!


Tiramisu Pancakes

Katie gets either the credit or the blame. 🙂

I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me that pancakes can be like oatmeal. I know quite well how to top a bowl of oats and create a huge variety of concoctions, from pumpkin pie to peanut butter and jelly. But pancakes (ooh, and probably waffles, too!) can be just as versatile, in much the same way! The only crucial key is making sure you keep the right balance between wet and dry ingredients, and the sky’s the limit!

So I took out our trusty copy of The Joy of Cooking and found the base pancake recipe…
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Bulgur and Veggies with ABU

My parents are visiting starting tomorrow, and in anticipation of their visit, I may have gone a bit overboard in grocery shopping. My fridge’s produce bins were full to the point of overflowing. I needed to do something fast! Bulgur and veggies
Yep, that’ll do the trick.
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Carrot and Parsnip Soup

Summer = hot. (And water = wet.) But I’m still on my soup jag, though the compulsion might be lessening a bit, so I decided that a cold soup might be in order. I also had on hand a bag of carrots that was beginning to cross the line to where they’d be less than satisfyingly crunchy, so what better use could they have than as the base of a chilled, creamy bowl of gorgeous orange-colored soup?

Carrot-Parsnip Soup
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Cookbooks: a video post


Sammy Says

I saw the new Nature Valley Nut Clusters at the grocery store today, and I thought they’d perhaps be good on oatmeal. Bought them, brought them home, and my older son found them and wanted to try them immediately.

He liked doing this quite a bit, though I think he got a bit mixed up about the difference between a review and a commercial. 😉 He’d love to do it again, so I may try to get his opinion – Live! From our kitchen! – on any new products or recipes on which he cares to give his opinion.


Help: ID these sweets!

Over the past year, whenever we’ve had to go to the music store that rented us our son’s violin, I’ve always gazed longingly at Bombay Sweets next door. I love Indian food, and I’ve never had much opportunity to explore the dessert side of the cuisine, but despite the proximity of the restaurant and store to the music store, there simply was never a good time for me to dash in and experiment.

Well, the violin went back to the store today (long story there), and I knew that I might not have another chance soon, so I crossed my fingers, took both my kids’ hands firmly in mine, and crossed the street to check it out.

We wound up with this assortment:
Indian sweets

I’m really happy with our little initial collection, from the few tastes I’ve had, but…well, what with Sam’s excited jumping and discussion of the sweets, and Gabe’s refusal to stand still, and my subsequent inability to take in the heavy accent of the woman behind the counter, I’m at a loss to know exactly what we got. I know the orange things on the right are either Jalebi or Jaangiri, but I don’t know that there’s a way to differentiate between the two visually (they’re variations of each other with subtly different ingredients). As for the others, I have no real idea, despite my Googling.

Anybody want to help me out?


Baked Spaghetti Squash

Mr. Spaghetti Squash!

“Hello, friends! I’m Mr. Spaghetti Squash! And the lady in front of me clearly has either too much free time, or else children who will need to be coaxed into trying new things! Ahem!”

Oh, noez!

“This…may end badly for me.”
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Roasted Portobellos

While I was making the Broccoli Polenta, I was also thawing some pork chops, feeling very “meh” about them. In the meantime, though, I got an email from a friend who said she was in the process of making a tofu and shiitake stir-fry, and suddenly my mind flew to the baby bellos I had in my own possession. Now, those appealed much more! The Veganomicon to the rescue, yet again!

(Can I just take a moment here to say that I am completely won over by this cookbook? If you had been debating getting it, do it. Whether you’re vegetarian, vegan, or omnivorous, understand that when it comes to delicious vegetable presentations, vegetarians and vegans have it going on!)
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