Crab Salad w/ Corn and Chickpeas

At hand: a can of Bumblebee canned crab, going spare.
Needed: a sandwich filling with versatility (since it was unlikely that we’d consume the entire can in one evening’s meal, between only my husband and me).
The solution:
Crab Salad w/ Corn and Chickpeas

This is another of those recipes that’s less “recipe” and more “procedure for combining.” Into a bowl containing the can of crab, drained, I put:

  • Corn, one ear’s worth, freshly removed from the cob
  • Chickpeas, one can’s worth, drained
  • Capers, about a tablespoon
  • Cilantro, fresh, about a quarter cup
  • Chopped roasted red peppers, miniature, about 4
  • Chopped pea shoots, about a cup’s worth

Thusly mixed, I dressed the bowl with about a tablespoon of good curry powder and three or four tablespoons’ worth of jalapeno mustard. Some extra kosher salt got added to taste after everything was gently folded together.

I put it onto flatbread, on a bed of fresh spinach. Delicious. Today, I added slices of fresh tomato from our farmers’ market. Even better!

Makes about six half-cup servings. Per serving: Fat: 1.2g; Carbohydrates: 17.4g; Calories: 118.0; Protein: 6.7g.


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