Who are you?
My name is Carrie, unless otherwise specified (Eric, the husband, occasionally gets in on the alimentary activities!). I like to cook, and I like to eat, and I like to run.

Are you some kind of diet freak?
Not at all. I do feel that knowledge is power, and I don’t need any mysteries about what I’m putting into my body. The more I know about what I’m consuming, the better, so as to be able to make wise choices. I don’t think food can be “bad,” but I think there are foods that are “useful” and those that are not. I like to make sure I give myself everything I need to be better able to do the activities I want to do; eating too much of foods that don’t provide much in terms of use can mean that I’ll be unable to eat what I need, and I’ve experienced the results of that, unfortunately. (Miles from home, midway through a run and on a trail inaccessible by car, is no place to discover that you’ve “run out of gas”!)

Are you a cook/dietician/food professional?
Nope. Totally amateur action, here. This is an act of love, not a career. Of course, if you’re offering a paycheck…

Don’t you ever just want to go nuts with a bag of Cheetos and a 2-liter of soda?
No, I’m from Mars. I never touch junk food…

Seriously, you should see my chocolate drawer. I’m not deprived, I promise.

Do you have a good recipe for [fill in favorite food]?
Maybe! If I don’t, Eric or I could be persuaded to try to come up with one! Point me in the right direction, and I’ll do my best!