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Help: ID these sweets!

Over the past year, whenever we’ve had to go to the music store that rented us our son’s violin, I’ve always gazed longingly at Bombay Sweets next door. I love Indian food, and I’ve never had much opportunity to explore the dessert side of the cuisine, but despite the proximity of the restaurant and store to the music store, there simply was never a good time for me to dash in and experiment.

Well, the violin went back to the store today (long story there), and I knew that I might not have another chance soon, so I crossed my fingers, took both my kids’ hands firmly in mine, and crossed the street to check it out.

We wound up with this assortment:
Indian sweets

I’m really happy with our little initial collection, from the few tastes I’ve had, but…well, what with Sam’s excited jumping and discussion of the sweets, and Gabe’s refusal to stand still, and my subsequent inability to take in the heavy accent of the woman behind the counter, I’m at a loss to know exactly what we got. I know the orange things on the right are either Jalebi or Jaangiri, but I don’t know that there’s a way to differentiate between the two visually (they’re variations of each other with subtly different ingredients). As for the others, I have no real idea, despite my Googling.

Anybody want to help me out?

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