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Well, hello there!

Chopsticks So, I’m food-obsessed.

For those who are new, I’m Carrie, and I write over at Earthmovers and Sandcastles. In the past couple of years, I’ve gone from being a morbidly obese sedentary woman to a marathoner with a strong focus on nutrition and physical fitness – and on finding ways, naturally, to use the former to fuel the latter. I’ve begun paying a lot of attention to what’s going into my mouth and into my system. My goal is to eat healthfully, and since this is my life and not “a diet,” I want to find lots of ways to make this something that not only can I sustain, but that I want to sustain!

Eric, my husband, is a natural cook; I am not. He’s comfortable improvising in the kitchen; my “projects” are often on the crude side of things (“Why can’t I sub this pepper for that one? They’re both green!”)…but I’m learning, and I’m having fun, and I’ve even made a few things that I’m eager to share and show off. Here’s my little “Brag Book,” then!

(I also often post pictures of the culinary creations Eric develops, and I usually get swamped with demands for “recipe, please!” I hope he’ll come along with me here to Happy Little Stove and share the finer points.)

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